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Leading cloud-based talent management and human capital management (HCM) software is SAP SuccessFactors. Organisations conduct a number of HR functions with SAP SuccessFactors Online Training in India, including learning and development, employee performance, payroll, and HR analytics.

  1. Employee Central (EC): It serves as the core HR system and provides features such as employee data management, organizational structure, time and attendance tracking, and workflows.
  2. Performance & Goals: This module helps manage and track employee performance, set goals, and conduct performance reviews. It enables organizations to align employee objectives with overall business objectives.
  3. Learning Management System (LMS): LMS facilitates the creation, delivery, and tracking of employee training and development programs. It offers features like course management, certifications, and reporting.
  4. Compensation: This module streamlines the compensation planning process, including salary, bonus, and variable pay administration. It enables organizations to define and manage compensation programs based on performance and budgetary constraints.
  5. Recruiting Management (RCM): RCM automates the end-to-end recruitment process, including job requisition, candidate sourcing, screening, and hiring. It helps organizations attract and hire the best talent.
  6. Onboarding: This module facilitates the smooth integration of new hires into the organization. It includes tasks like employee orientation, provisioning of necessary resources, and paperwork completion.
  7. Succession & Development: This module focuses on identifying and developing talent within the organization. It helps create talent pools, succession plans, and career development programs.
  8. Workforce Analytics & Planning: This module provides data-driven insights into workforce trends, productivity, and planning. It assists in strategic decision-making by analyzing workforce metrics and predicting future talent needs.

It's important to assess your organization's specific requirements, industry, and size to determine which module would be the most beneficial. It is recommended to consult with SAP SuccessFactors Training in Delhi experts or implementation partners who can provide tailored advice based on your needs.

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